Supplementing with DHEA can sometimes help with stress and/or depression in older adults.

DHEA: The regenerative miracle?

Posted on October 26 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Mary is a 66-year-old female who is postmenopausal, with elevated stress, osteopenia, low mood, and increased fatigue. She recently saw her general practitioner who started her on a low dose antidepressant, recommended calcium and vitamin D supplementation and encouraged counseling. After six weeks of the … Learn More » “DHEA: The regenerative miracle?”

pelvic floor health

Have better sex!! …and improve pelvic floor health

Posted on October 21 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Michelle Young, ND, LAc Hey ladies, I’m talking to you! Are you struggling with sexual dysfunction? Do you miss the enjoyable sensations of sex? Do you suffer from pelvic floor pain? Tired of urinary incontinence? You are not alone – up to 30% … Learn More » “Have better sex!! …and improve pelvic floor health”

hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Reclaim your rhythm

Posted on June 8 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Michelle Young, ND, LAc Stages of Menopause If you’re a female in your forties and start to experience symptoms like hot flashes or irregular menstrual cycles, you may be in the hormonal transition phase we call perimenopause. (“Peri” means near or around.) On … Learn More » “Hormone Replacement Therapy: Reclaim your rhythm”


Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain

Posted on May 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM One of the most common causes of low back pain is sacroiliac sprain, and Prolotherapy and PRP injections continue to be the most effective and definitive treatment I have seen in my 40+ years of practice. Sacroiliac, iliolumbar, and lumbosacral … Learn More » “Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain”

The Sexuality of Women

Posted on September 5 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Soul Connection, A Healthy Body & the Desire to Make It Happen The sexuality of women is one of the great mysteries of life: sensuality dawns and sets, ebbs and flows through our various stages in life. To closely study and appreciate the complexity within … Learn More » “The Sexuality of Women”


ECZEMA : one of the world’s most common skin conditions.

Posted on June 3 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

A Naturopathic Approach to one of the world’s most common skin conditions. Holistic dermatology is an area of specialty within our medical practice and we see many patients, young and old, with various skin conditions including eczema. We spend a lot of my clinical time working … Learn More » “ECZEMA : one of the world’s most common skin conditions.”

Dr. Noel Peterson practices the slow burn fitness workouts to stay in shape for water sports

Stay Fit in 30 minutes twice a week with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Posted on September 26 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

How can 30 minutes of exercise twice a week turn back your genetic clock, make new brain cells, save your heart, and prevent osteoarthritis? Dr. Noel Peterson, Oregon Regenerative Medicine Medical Director Of all the lifestyle factors affecting longevity, exercise continues to lead the pack. … Learn More » “Stay Fit in 30 minutes twice a week with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution”

meniscus tear

PRP Meniscus Tear Success Story

Posted on April 28 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

“I started having knee pain last October and was unable to go up or down stairs or to walk without a lot of pain. I belong to Volkwalkers Oregon and had to stop walking with my friends. My doctor prescribed physical therapy, which did not help. … Learn More » “PRP Meniscus Tear Success Story”

PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift

Posted on April 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

What can be more natural than your own PRP?  Since 2006, Dr. Noel Peterson has incorporated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologous Platelet Concentrates) to restore function in joints and ligaments. Since then, he has helped thousands of patients using cellular regenerative injections, restoring function … Learn More » “PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift”