progesterone is an important part of hormone balance

The Life Cycle of Progesterone: Unveiling Its Tranquil Influence

Posted on May 16 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Long touted as the hormone of pregnancy, the neurosteroid progesterone has a calming effect for both women and men. This article examines progesterone production in males and females through the different stages of life. The cycling female To understand progesterone production, we need to explore … Learn More » “The Life Cycle of Progesterone: Unveiling Its Tranquil Influence”

hormone replacement therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy: Reclaim your rhythm

Posted on June 8 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Stages of Menopause If you’re a female in your forties and start to experience symptoms like hot flashes or irregular menstrual cycles, you may be in the hormonal transition phase we call perimenopause. (“Peri” means near or around.) On average, perimenopause lasts between 2-10 years. … Learn More » “Hormone Replacement Therapy: Reclaim your rhythm”

Optimum Testosterone Levels Give Men the Mental Edge

Posted on August 27 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM We know that optimal testosterone levels can play an important role in healthy sexual function in men, especially as they age. Testosterone also appears to improve brain performance, and may even help to protect against age-related dementia. Researchers in … Learn More » “Optimum Testosterone Levels Give Men the Mental Edge”


Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain

Posted on May 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

by Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM One of the most common causes of low back pain is sacroiliac sprain, and Prolotherapy and PRP injections continue to be the most effective and definitive treatment I have seen in my 40+ years of practice. Sacroiliac, iliolumbar, and lumbosacral … Learn More » “Prolotherapy Most Effective in Sacroiliac Pain”

The Sexuality of Women

Posted on September 5 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Soul Connection, A Healthy Body & the Desire to Make It Happen The sexuality of women is one of the great mysteries of life: sensuality dawns and sets, ebbs and flows through our various stages in life. To closely study and appreciate the complexity within … Learn More » “The Sexuality of Women”


Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease

Posted on January 13 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

“I can’t believe how well I feel, and neither can my husband. Four months ago I would come home from work and collapse, exhausted. Nothing helped my energy. And now I have energy to spare! Most of the other symptoms that have plagued me for … Learn More » “Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease”

Large Scale Study Links Depression to Low Testosterone

Posted on December 30 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM The male hormone testosterone may keep men happy in more ways than one. Besides enhancing sex drive, we know that testosterone helps build muscle mass, preserves bone strength, lowers cholesterol, improves mental performance. Now a new study, the first of … Learn More » “Large Scale Study Links Depression to Low Testosterone”