Supplementing with DHEA can sometimes help with stress and/or depression in older adults.

DHEA: The regenerative miracle?

Posted on October 26 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Mary is a 66-year-old female who is postmenopausal, with elevated stress, osteopenia, low mood, and increased fatigue. She recently saw her general practitioner who started her on a low dose antidepressant, recommended calcium and vitamin D supplementation and encouraged counseling. After six weeks of the … Learn More » “DHEA: The regenerative miracle?”


Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease

Posted on January 13 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

“I can’t believe how well I feel, and neither can my husband. Four months ago I would come home from work and collapse, exhausted. Nothing helped my energy. And now I have energy to spare! Most of the other symptoms that have plagued me for … Learn More » “Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease”