summer skin care

Warmer weather is upon us and as we change our wardrobe, it is important to change the way we protect our ourselves with summer skin care. With so many changes in temperature, moisture or humidity, the use of air conditioning along with the strength and length of daylight hours, our skin is at risk for damage!

Diet and Hydration

Eat antioxidants like leafy greens, berries and citrus as they help protect your skin from within by promoting collagen production.

Fill your body with good old H2O. If you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated. The 8 glasses of 8 ounces is a good rule, remembering that if you are active or sweating, you need more.

Summer Skin Care Regimen

Exfoliate! Yes, every day. A light daily exfoliant or face cloth works to keep skin clean and smooth. This helps with moisture retention and releasing clogged pores from warmer weather.

Use a lighter moisturizer on your face and body before applying sunscreen. Use products with Vit C, Vit E  and Green Tea, which are powerful antioxidants.

SPF- Sunscreen

This is a big one. With so many choices, it can be overwhelming. Picking one that feels and smells great to you is the key to wanting to apply it. Mineral bases are great as they sit on the surface and deflect the sunlight, so radiation does not penetrate. There are now clear formulations of Zinc and Titanium Oxide making them a great choice without the signature bright white appearance.

Tinted sunscreens are an option to replace heavy foundation make up. Skin hydrators with sunscreen save time and make it easy to prepare for the day. Many now come in travel size  spray form. No matter which one you choose, you must apply every 2 hours while outside and after water sports for optimum summer skin care. Don’t forget to apply to your hands and face every time you get in your car to drive!

Aesthetic Procedures and Spa Treatments

As we strive to be fit and look our best, it is important to continue with anti-aging, recovery and relaxation practices. Microneedling, Collagen Induction and Summer Skin Care Facial Treatments are safe ways to restore and protect. Use caution with Laser/IPL,  Hair Removal and Skin tightening procedures. Avoid any major skin resurfacing which removes layers of protective skin. If you have one of these procedures take extra care to stay out of the sun.

Sun Worshippers

The sun is a vital part of human existence. We need it. Being in the sun increases our Vitamin D and immune system. It makes us happy. It can also be damaging with overexposure. Go ahead and have some fun in the sun! Be a smart Sun Worshipper, stay protected.

Dixie Johnson is ORM’s Regenerative Medical Assistant and Aesthetician. She has travelled extensively to educate herself and others on the newest, coolest, and up-to-date biocellular therapies. For over 26 years, Dixie’s focus has been on creating positive, life changing experiences for all.


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