meniscus tear

“I started having knee pain last October and was unable to go up or down stairs or to walk without a lot of pain. I belong to Volkwalkers Oregon and had to stop walking with my friends. My doctor prescribed physical therapy, which did not help. Then he referred me to my orthopedic surgeon. The surgeon ordered an MRI, which showed that I had a meniscus tear. The doctor had me do certain exercises, which did not help, and he also sent me again to physical therapy, which did not help. The last time I saw him he said my only option was surgery. This went on into December when finally I decided to talk to Dr. Peterson. He had treated arthritis in my thumb with prolotherapy 6 years ago with great results (my thumb is still fine) and so my daughter said I should see him about my knee.

“After looking at the MRI, Dr. Peterson told me right away that I would not require surgery and that PRP prolotherapy would help my meniscus tear. For a year I had planned a vacation to Hawaii in the middle of January, and I was worried because my surgeon had told me I meniscus tearwould have to cancel. I didn’t want to cancel because my cousin was coming all the way from Germany to meet me there. Dr. Peterson was so sure he could help me that he said there was no need to cancel the trip and he started treatment right away.

“I had my 1st PRP prolotherapy injection in mid-December and started seeing improvement almost right away. Before my trip, in January I had my 2nd PRP prolotherapy injection and was already able to walk almost normally and was climbing stairs.

“I was able to go to Hawaii and hike and walk with my cousin, and by the time I returned home, I could walk normally. Since then I received 3 more dextrose prolotherapy injections to strengthen the ligaments of my knee. I feel great and do not need any more treatment! Thank you, Dr. Peterson! Although the injections were painful, I highly recommend this treatment. By the way, I am 79 years old!”

-Marianne Brauer

Featured photo by Peter Vanosdall on Unsplash