allergies can be helped with nettles

Allergies: Try these natural cures

Posted on May 20 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to an otherwise innocuous substance. This time of year, pollen is the usual culprit. Pollen allergies can cause numerous symptoms that vary from mild to debilitating. While allopathic treatment of allergies involves palliating symptoms, naturopathic treatment strives … Learn More » “Allergies: Try these natural cures”

Dr. Noel Peterson practices the slow burn fitness workouts to stay in shape for water sports

Stay Fit in 30 minutes twice a week with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution

Posted on September 26 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

How can 30 minutes of exercise twice a week turn back your genetic clock, make new brain cells, save your heart, and prevent osteoarthritis? Dr. Noel Peterson, Oregon Regenerative Medicine Medical Director Of all the lifestyle factors affecting longevity, exercise continues to lead the pack. … Learn More » “Stay Fit in 30 minutes twice a week with the Slow Burn Fitness Revolution”

young man's knees next to sparkling swimming pool

Old Man Knees- A Testimonial to Prolotherapy

Posted on September 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

A 23-year-old is thankful to have his knees back I’m 23 years old. I saw Dr. Peterson for prolo about a year ago on the suggestion of my grandparents, both of which are very active and had had success with him treating their joints. For … Learn More » “Old Man Knees- A Testimonial to Prolotherapy”

meniscus tear

PRP Meniscus Tear Success Story

Posted on April 28 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

“I started having knee pain last October and was unable to go up or down stairs or to walk without a lot of pain. I belong to Volkwalkers Oregon and had to stop walking with my friends. My doctor prescribed physical therapy, which did not help. … Learn More » “PRP Meniscus Tear Success Story”

PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift

Posted on April 25 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

What can be more natural than your own PRP?  Since 2006, Dr. Noel Peterson has incorporated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma or Autologous Platelet Concentrates) to restore function in joints and ligaments. Since then, he has helped thousands of patients using cellular regenerative injections, restoring function … Learn More » “PRP: The Natural, Non-Surgical Facelift”


Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease

Posted on January 13 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

“I can’t believe how well I feel, and neither can my husband. Four months ago I would come home from work and collapse, exhausted. Nothing helped my energy. And now I have energy to spare! Most of the other symptoms that have plagued me for … Learn More » “Fatigue, Body Temperature and Thyroid Disease”

Large Scale Study Links Depression to Low Testosterone

Posted on December 30 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM The male hormone testosterone may keep men happy in more ways than one. Besides enhancing sex drive, we know that testosterone helps build muscle mass, preserves bone strength, lowers cholesterol, improves mental performance. Now a new study, the first of … Learn More » “Large Scale Study Links Depression to Low Testosterone”

painful shoulder can benefit from PRP prolotherapy

Healing Shoulders with Prolotherapy and PRP

Posted on December 17 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

On March 19, 2001 I had a snowboarding accident at Whistler, BC, where an unfortunate encounter with a tree allowed me to experience and appreciate the high professionalism and quality of the Canadian national health care system. Skilled doctors kept me breathing, while orthopedists pieced … Learn More » “Healing Shoulders with Prolotherapy and PRP”