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Posted by Alex Paul

I am 67 years old and still pursuing my sports of surfing and skiing.

A variety of injuries and problems were slowing me down by age 64, but Dr. Peterson has literally worked a miracle in my life with prolotherapy and stem cell therapy. I have a damaged disc in my neck and I had to stop surfing because I was suffering from dizziness. When I jumped up the world would start spinning and I’d fall off my board. Dr. Peterson explained that my vertebral ligaments were weak and stretched, making my neck muscles spasm, which told my brain my body was in one position, while my inner ears and eyes were saying something else, resulting in dizziness. Three treatments with PRP prolotherapy and stem cell injections completely stopped the dizziness, I have been surfing again for the past two years!


My kneecaps lost their cartilage under the cap, resulting in bone on bone and pain when I skied. I used to be able to ski for days without knee pain up to my forties, but found myself reduced by age 64 to tolerating only a few hours of skiing followed by ice and many days off. Dr. Peterson treated me with stem cells in the knee to grow the cartilage back and I am able to ski for as long as I want for several days in a row. I overdid it though and ended up tearing my knee meniscus and the surgeon wanted to operate, but, no problem, Dr. Peterson treated me with stem cells and now the torn meniscus is barely painful and yes I can ski!

My low back has always given me pain since a fork lift truck accident when I was 20. Stem cell has tightened up everything and I am happy to report that I sometimes go months without any trouble in my low back, and if something does get painful, a chiropractor visit sets everything in alignment and I’m good to go!

My shoulders were so painful at one point last year that I could barely paddle out to surf. You guessed it, stem cell in the shoulders and I can paddle without pain.

I fell off a bike about ten years ago and have had occasional stabbing pain in the middle of my back where a rib inserted and was displaced by the accident. Adjustments helped, but the real difference was Dr. Peterson and regenerative injections. I had to work hard to remember that he even treated this area, it’s gone from bothering me a lot to something I forgot about!

I used to hope that I would ski and surf into my 70’s. I honestly believe now that if I keep up my three days a week weight lifting and keep my body fat low, I will be able to ski and surf into my 80’s!

Thank you Dr. Peterson for literally extending my youth into old age. Ponce de Leon was looking in the wrong place for the fountain of youth years ago. It is located just off the Willamette River in Lake Oswego at the Center for Traditional Medicine!

Comment: Thank you Alex for your review, now you can think of me as Ponce de Noel

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