microneedling skin on face using Exceed pen

At Oregon Regenerative Medicine we are dedicated to our patients’ health from the inside out…. AND the outside in!

As the body’s largest organ, skin performs a series of key functions resulting from the multiple chemical and physical reactions that take place within it. Skin is composed of tissue that grows, differentiates, and renews itself constantly.

I have heard the human body referred to as “a suitcase full of cells and bacteria.” Think of our bodies as that suitcase. We carefully pack everything inside, zip it up, and off we go. Our belongings are safe inside.

Our skin is like the outside layer of that suitcase. It is a barrier protecting our body from external elements, injury, and oxidation. It maintains our body temperature, regulates moisture loss, and actively plays a role in our immune system, protecting us from disease.

Remember when that suitcase was brand new? Now fast-forward a couple of years and see the well-traveled version. It’s a bit beat up, has small scratches and tears, and non-working or lost pieces. Similarly, the same thing happens to our Skin as time goes by.

We lose 1% of our collagen every day after age 20.

A medically backed and proven way to combat that Collagen loss is our Collagen Induction Therapy using Exceed Microneedling with PRP/PRF.

Loss of collagen leaves the skin vulnerable, easily damaged, along with sagging and deeper wrinkles. UV sun damage is one of the highest causes of skin aging, dehydration, and skin cancers. Our face is the area of our skin that makes the first impression. It’s constantly exposed and is a visual guide to your overall health!

Conscientious Skin Care

Here at Oregon Regenerative Medicine, we have a plan of action for your skin to be healthy, beautiful, and balanced with all the interrelated elements which are essential for homeostasis.

  • Professional Medical Skincare line and Dermaplaning to address superficial needs like exfoliation, hydration, sun damage and aging with no downtime!
  • Medical Grade Chemical Peels and Professional Products to address deeper concerns like Acne, Hyperpigmentation (age spots, freckles), along with Anti-Aging Protocols!

Get your skin in the game! Make a plan! Protect and nourish the largest organ of your body so that it can, in turn, protect YOU!

Dixie Johnson is ORM’s Regenerative Medical Assistant and Aesthetician. She has travelled extensively to educate herself and others on the newest, coolest, and up-to-date biocellular therapies. For over 26 years, Dixie’s focus has been creating positive, life changing experiences for all.


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