Dr. Peterson to teach PRP Platelet Rich Plasma at the 4th Latin-American Congress of Musculoskeletal Medicine in Mendoza, Argentina.

Dr. Noel Peterson and his wife Teresa will be returning to Argentina this summer to speak before the 4º Congreso Latinoamericano de Medicina Musculo-Esqueltica in Mendoza, Argentina. Dr. Peterson has been a popular teacher of prolotherapy, PRP and adipose stem cells in South America for many years, having presented in 2016 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he taught a two-day workshop for physicians in his method of harvesting and concentrating growth factors derived from platelet rich plasma PRP, and adipose stem cells. He has also been honored to teach on behalf of the AAOM and the LAAOM at the Peruvian National Institute of Rehabilitation in Lima, Peru in  2015, and 2016. This year’s course in Mendoza will be on Platelet Rich Plasma, and he will be co-presenting with Dr. Fabio Lana of Indaiatuba, Brazil and Dr. Thomas Bond from New Orleans, LA. 

Dr. Peterson to teach PRP therapy workshop in Argentina