By: Dr. Noel Peterson

Dr. Noel Peterson

An integral part of a powerful form of Regenerative Injection Therapy, Mesenchymal Cells are self-renewing cells that can be derived from a patient’s own adipose (fat) tissue, in a same-day procedure.  Adipose-derived tissues have many advantages over other tissue sources. When combined with PRP, these tissues exhibit several advantages for therapeutic use including the ability to migrate to sites of tissue injury, strong immunosuppressive effects and better safety.

One of the best ways of understanding why this treatment is so effective is to learn about why these mesenchymal stem cells have incredible therapeutic advantages, and how these cells have been shown to be a viable alternative to surgery and dramatically improve mobility and decrease your pain.

The primary benefits of MSCs are:

1. Differentiation and regeneration

2. Immune modulation

3. Anti-inflammation

Read our full article that lists these benefits in detail here: Oregon Regenerative Medicine.

These benefits can lead to effective healing with minimal downtime, all without major surgery.  Contact us to find out if this treatment is an option for you, and let us help you achieve an active, pain-free lifestyle.