regenerative injection

Our doctors have performed over 30,000 regenerative injections on thousands of patients.

Regenerative injection therapies, especially stem cell therapy, are becoming increasingly popular across the country due to their immense promise as a non-surgical route of reducing joint pain, treating osteoarthritis, and for treating female and male pattern hair loss. As the number of doctors and clinics that offer these therapies increase, the primary factor that distinguishes quality care is the skill of the physician performing the injections.

When deciding where to go for any non-surgical treatment of joint pain, be certain that the providing doctor is skilled and has considerable experience in injections. Avoid the “pop-up” clinics that have jumped on the stem cell bandwagon with little or no prior injection experience. At ORM, our doctors have performed over 30,000 regenerative injections on thousands of patients, and still counting!

We began providing regenerative injection therapy over 25 years ago with Prolotherapy. Prolotherapy is the predecessor of all modern regenerative injection therapy, including platelet rich plasma (PRP) and adipose tissue graft cell therapy. Prolotherapy is short for proliferative therapy and utilizes a solution of dextrose to activate the body’s self-healing response in order to repair and strengthen tissues. The prolotherapy approach is based on the fact that the body is an interconnected system and treatment must take more into account than simply just “where it hurts”. When a doctor is skilled in prolotherapy, not only do they have a holistic understanding of orthopedic medicine, but also expertise in the art of injections.

rotator cuff tear

Handling a needle, injecting with accuracy, and treating all the relevant structures are an art form. Knowing where to inject, guiding a needle into an area that needs treatment, and feeling how much solution to inject are all aspects of regenerative injection therapy that can only be learned with experience. That’s why we rely on ultrasound guidance and our extensive knowledge to perform accurate treatments. It is not unlike a painter with a brush, where the brush becomes an extension of the painter’s hand– a skilled prolotherapist utilizes the needle as an extension of their hand.

At Oregon Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in regenerative injection therapies and are experts in prolotherapy, PRP, adipose tissue regenerative injections, and allografts. We were doing regenerative injection therapy long before “stem cell clinics” began popping up all over town. Dr. Noel Peterson lectures internationally on prolotherapy and regenerative injection therapy. Dr. Kristian Flores has performed thousands of injections. He has trained with some of the best prolotherapists in the world. Furthermore, our training in ultrasound diagnosis and ultrasound guidance further increases the precision of every treatment.

When compared to any number of clinics that have little expertise in injection therapy but claim to be “experts in stem cell therapy”, the choice is easy. Getting positive results ultimately comes down to three essential skills: accurate diagnosis, accuracy of the injections, and the purity and potency of the biologic product injected. There may or may not be viable stem cells in the syringe, but when handled by an inexperienced practitioner, the results may be underwhelming. Be diligent when researching any clinic offering “stem cell” therapy. Remember that chiropractors cannot legally inject and, when offering these treatments, they are hiring a nurse practitioner or physician assistant to handle the needle and their training and skills must be questioned.

Experience and true expertise are the drivers of quality care and clinical results. Oregon Regenerative Medicine prides itself on its 40-year reputation for science-based protocols and unmatched skills. You are in good hands at ORM.