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Brain Injury P.L.A.N. — Aid Concussion Recovery

Posted on September 17 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Ending up with neurological damage after a brain injury isn’t on anyone’s wish list. While there is no consensus on a medicinal agent that promotes recovery, our doctors have a PRP brain trauma protocol called PLAN that uses scientific methods to aid in recovery. Concussion … Learn More » “Brain Injury P.L.A.N. — Aid Concussion Recovery”

PLAN Protocol for football concussions at Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Back to school means surge in concussion risk

Posted on October 14 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Follow up care found to be inadequate A 6-year study made by Blue-Cross Blue Shield found that the diagnoses of concussion have increased 43 percent from 2010 through 2015 in the U.S. Additionally, concussion diagnoses spiked 71 percent for patients ages 10 through 19 during the … Learn More » “Back to school means surge in concussion risk”