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Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM

Our patients typically come to us with injuries to their knees, meniscus tears, MCL injuries, and ACL injuries. They present with labrum and rotator cuff tears to their shoulders, hip labrum tears, and painful osteoarthritis of the knee, hip or spine. Most of them have been told that they will require surgery to repair these areas, or have been told that surgery is just a matter of time, and to simply wait until the pain becomes so severe that they are willing to have knee or hip replacement. They know that these surgical procedures carry significant risks, and that surgery may require many months of time-consuming and painful rehabilitation.

Stem Cell Therapy, when combined with Platelet Rich Plasma, offers the best alternative to surgery for the majority of our patients with more advanced hip and knee arthritis. Most of these patients come to Oregon Regenerative Medicine facing joint surgery or replacement due to osteoarthritis, cartilage loss, and other degenerative conditions. Fortunately, the majority of these patients experience significant relief of their pain and dysfunction following Prolotherapy, PRP or Adipose Tissue grafts , and have returned to more active lifestyles after their regenerative injections.

We have specialized in regenerative orthopedic medicine for over 25 years, encompassing 3 kinds of biocellular therapies: prolotherapy, autologous platelet-rich plasma (PRP), and stem cells. The best choice of one of these therapies depends on the specifics of the injury, our diagnostic findings, and the patient’s health and biological age. Our autologous procedures involve harvesting growth and repair molecules that are rich in stem cells from your own tissue, concentrating them, and injecting them directly into your damaged joint. The fact that these tissues are autologous helps ensure tissue viability and safety. 

Regenerative orthopedic medicine, and stem cell therapy specifically, can be an effective alternative to the surgical route for many people. For more information, including symptoms that indicate you would be a good candidate for Stem Cell Therapy, give us a call at Oregon Regenerative Medicine: (503)-636-2734

Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM, is the Medical Director of the Center for Traditional Medicine P.C., and has practiced naturopathic medicine in Lake Oswego since 1978.  He specializes in natural and regenerative cellular medicine, including Prolotherapy, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and Adipose Cell Regenerative Medicine in Portland and Lake Oswego.  He is one of only three physicians certified in Prolotherapy in the Pacific Northwest and the only physician certified in Prolotherapy in Northern Oregon and Southwest Washington.