osteoarthritis treatment

Oregon Regenerative Medicine (ORM) offers the most comprehensive osteoarthritis treatment available. With our expertise in regenerative medicine combined with metabolic, hormonal, dietary, and movement strategies we ensure our patients get the best results possible.

A Typical Osteoarthritis Treatment Success Story

63-year-old Robert comes into ORM for osteoarthritis of the knee with the goal of golfing and playing with his grandchildren. He has seen other specialists that did cortisone injections and told him he needed a knee replacement. He is also a little overweight, loves ice cream for dessert, is taking 2 medications for high blood pressure, is “borderline” diabetic, and has never had his testosterone tested.

After the comprehensive intake and exam it’s determined that while his knee can be improved with regenerative injections, there are several other areas to address simultaneously to enhance his results. As a part of the initial workup we get additional lab testing showing low testosterone and cardiovascular inflammation. So we modify his diet, start an exercise program of biking and strength training, prescribe a couple of targeted supplements, correct his testosterone with hormone replacement, and schedule his first knee treatment for 4 weeks out. 

When he returns for his first treatment he has lost 10 pounds, is starting to feel more energetic, has noted his blood pressure is decreasing, and the pain in his knee has already improved. We treat his knee with a combination of PRP and adipose tissue graft while continuing all of the other strategies and after 3 months he feels “like a new person”, able to walk 18 holes. Even before he gets to his ideal weight or is fully off his blood pressure medication, the initial improvement is impressive and gives him motivation to continue.

Sticking with the Osteoarthritis Treatment Plan

osteoarthritis treatment

This is just one example of our attention to detail while considering the whole person in osteoarthritis treatment. We stand out from other orthopedic clinics by evaluating, diagnosing, and treating all contributing factors in osteoarthritis. We often put patients on a program for several weeks to improve metabolic or hormonal factors before beginning treatment to ensure we get the best results possible.

We educate patients on how their knee is connected to their diet, or how their shoulder is connected to quality sleep, or how their low back is connected to their hormone imbalance. Treatment continues throughout the time we are addressing the joint and the results speak for themselves. Our patients improve and feel better indefinitely when adhering to the complete osteoarthritis treatment strategy.

A Full Set of Tools for Osteoarthritis Treatment

We use a wide array of tools to help with the healing process and with pain reduction in osteoarthritis treatment. We do not rely on injections and pain killers alone. We also utilize botanical medicines, movement, topicals, acupuncture, nutritional supplements, and referrals to trusted partners. This multi-pronged approach gets the greatest results in the shortest time frame possible and is the most long-lasting.

What does this strategy look like for a new patient?

  • Thorough history and physical exam for the painful area(s)
  • Diet, movement, body weight, and sleep inventory
  • Past medical history emphasizing cardiac, metabolic, inflammatory and hormonal disorders
  • Lab work (if necessary):
    • Inflammatory markers
    • Hormone levels
    • Heart health indicators
    • Blood sugar and insulin
  • Evaluation for eligibility in:
  • Prescription of necessary medications and natural supplements 
  • Scheduling 1st injection treatment

Don’t Let Osteoarthritis Take Your Life Away

There are many clinics that can inject your arthritic joint. What sets us apart is our top-notch expertise in injections, in addition to the most complete, holistic, person-centered osteoarthritis treatment available. The choice is clear for those seeking durable pain relief: get your life back with the help of our doctors at Oregon Regenerative Medicine.