joint preservation

Public service video published recently by FDA warns patients about unapproved stem cell therapies

by Dr. Noel Peterson, ND, DAAPM

Since 2012, Oregon Regenerative Medicine has been the leader in providing FDA compliant joint preservation cell therapies-PRP and autologous micro fragmented adipose- for the relief of painful osteoarthritis, joint injuries, and the promotion of tissue repair. All of our cell-based therapies follow FDA guidance and are autologous, meaning that we harvest your tissues and process them in procedures that introduce no foreign tissues into your body. All our therapies are backed by decades of sound clinical research so that you can be sure of their safety and effectiveness.

What is Joint Preservation?

joint preservation

Joint preservation refers to the non-surgical treatment of joint degeneration and injuries using orthobiologic cellular therapies to repair and to restore normal function. Oregon Regenerative Medicine is the Pacific Northwest leader in joint preservation therapy.

Joint pain can involve every aspect of our lives – walking, climbing steps, playing sports, working – and even sleeping. And even though it worsens as we age, joint pain can affect anyone at any age. Joint preservation can offer an effective alternative to surgical joint replacement, especially at the earlier stages of joint deterioration.

Often an injury-even a seemingly insignificant injury- can be linked to the cause for the pain. Or pain can come on for no apparent reason other than aging. 

No matter what your age, joint pain can impact your ability to move, and at the Oregon Regenerative Medicine, we know that movement is an essential key to happiness and longevity. So If you have pain that is recurrent, or weakness and  aching that affects your ability to be comfortable, productive, active and safe, now is the time to restore movement with our regenerative medicine joint preservation protocols, before it gets worse and surgery becomes your only option.

For over 30 years, Oregon Regenerative Medicine has translated decades of scientific research into practical, effective biologic treatments for joint pain. ORM has particular expertise in the field of regenerative medicine and cellular therapies, and along with expertise in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of degenerative joint diseases, we can help you resolve your joint pain naturally.