flu prevention kit helps you avoid illness this winter

Flu Prevention Kit: Boost the flu vaccine’s 29% effectiveness rate

Posted on October 7 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Should I get the flu vaccine to prevent influenza? Flu prevention is on all of our minds once fall arrives and winter approaches. A recent report by the CDC estimates that the flu vaccine was about 29% effective against last season’s influenza virus, and it … Learn More » “Flu Prevention Kit: Boost the flu vaccine’s 29% effectiveness rate”

allergies can be helped with nettles

Allergies: Try these natural cures

Posted on May 20 By Oregon Regenerative Medicine

Allergies are an overreaction of the immune system to an otherwise innocuous substance. This time of year, pollen is the usual culprit. Pollen allergies can cause numerous symptoms that vary from mild to debilitating. While allopathic treatment of allergies involves palliating symptoms, naturopathic treatment strives … Learn More » “Allergies: Try these natural cures”