I am often cautious when I hear someone exclaim, “that treatment was amazing” or “what a miracle”, however, hear I am saying those same words after just a few treatments of prolotherapy from Dr. Peterson. I came in to get treatment for some old athletic injuries from a water skiing accident in 1994 and many various crashes alpine skiing, plus the usual aches and pains of being athletic. I had sustained quite a bit of trauma to my sacro-iliac joint 15 years prior to seeing Dr. Peterson in a water skiing accident and then many years of alpine skiing crashes on top of overuse injuries in weightlifting, running, cycling and mountaineering. I had pain and limitation in range of motion mainly in the sacroiliac joint area, but with many areas to include shoulder joint, knee and along my sacrum and lumbar spine. After receiving just 2 treatments, I already had significant improvements in pain and motion, plus I was getting stronger. As I continued my treatments, it was as if the injuries no longer even existed and I had new supportive ligamentous support. Now, telling my story many years later, I feel I can actually say, “wow, that was a miracle treatment by Dr. Peterson.” I have competed in various CrossFit competitions, continued to cycle even harder, continue to excel in my strength, recovery from workouts and backpack and climb for days and days without pain or dysfunction.